The Sabaki Solution – Enshin Karate Self-Defence Techniques
8th June 2013

Enshin Karate’s Sabaki Techniques were designed with defending against weapons and multiple attackers in mind. In this Article I explain how the Sabaki principle works.

Kancho Joko Ninomiya demonstrates these principles.

Sabaki Solution

The Sabaki Solution – Blitz Vol 18 No8

Improvise to Survive – Blitz Martial Arts Magazine
8th June 2013

In this Article I touch on Enshin Karate’s Self-Defence tactics and the importance to improvise particularly when facing a weapon.

Shihan Koji Masuda, 7th Dan Black Belt  demonstrated these techniques while visiting Australia. Osu

Improvise to Survive

Improvise to Survive – Blitz 2004 Vol 18 No12

The Spirit of Sabaki – Article Published In Blitz Martial Arts Magazine.
21st May 2013

With this Article my aim was to introduce Kancho’s “World Sabaki Challenge” tournament  to the wider Australian and New Zealand Martial Arts Community.

The Spirit of Sabaki

Spirit of Sabaki-Blitz Vol.21 No11

The Essence of Enshin – Sensei Dino’s experience coming back from a major Knee injury
21st May 2013

Blitz Martial Arts magazine approached me to do an interview in relation to an injury and complications I endured as a result of surgery to repair a torn ACL in my right knee.

The Essence of Enshin

To read the published Article please click on the following link:

The Essence Of Enshin – Blitz May 2012

Although the story that blitz put together was ok a lot of detail was left out, I assume due to space restrictions, so I have decided to release the actual interview questions and my answers which you can read clicking on the link below . Osu

Dino Kardas interview questions – ACL

Blitz Magazine Article – Enshin Karate – Secrets Of Sabaki. Parts 1, 2 and 3
7th April 2013

Secrets of Enshin’s Sabaki Method was published in Blitz Magazine over 3 Issues.

Secrets of Sabaki

Secrets of Sabaki – Part 1 Biltz Vol 17 No 5

Secrets of Sabaki-Part 2 – Blitz Vol17 No6

Secrets Of Sabaki – Part 3 -Blitz Vol 17 No 7

2002 Blitz Magazine Article – Enshin Karate – The Karate Revolution
28th March 2013

The Karate Rev

The Karate Revolution Article was published in Blitz Magazine in 2002 and ran over 2  issue’s.

Blitz Mag – Vol 16 No 8 – A Journey in Karate Part 1

Blitz Mag – Vol 16 No 9 – A Journey in Karate Part 2

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