Enshin Karate’s Sabaki Method

Sabaki is a circular movement out of the line of attack into a “blind spot” position, from which the Enshin practitioner can counter attack while using the opponent’s momentum against them. The term “blind spot” refers to the area to the back and side of the opponent, where their visibility is limited and their offensive weapons are few. To maintain this “blind spot” position the Enshin practitioner uses several grabbing and pulling techniques to keep the opponent off balance which greatly reduces the power and the effectiveness of the attack, thus enabling the Enshin practitioner to gain a superior position in relation to the opponent from which a powerful counter attack can be applied.



The fighting combinations derived from the Sabaki method of fighting are not only powerful and effective they are almost limitless. Enshin Karate is truly a blend of traditional philosophy and contemporary fighting techniques, which is not limited to physical size, age, or gender.