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Australian Sabaki Method Seminar – October 5th 2014
6th October 2014

Over the past week we had the privilege of having Kancho Joko Ninomiya visit and train with us here in Melbourne, Australia. This was Kancho’s 7th trip to Australia and as always he conducted 2 fantastic Sabaki Method Seminars which over 90 people attended.

The first Seminar was held in the morning for the Junior students; Kancho took them through their Basics and Sabaki Technique. Kancho offered valuable guidance and correction. The children enjoyed the experience very much. After the completion of the Seminar, Kancho took the time (over an hour) to sign autographs and take pictures with the Junior Students.

The Adult Seminar was held after lunch . Kancho took the senior students and instructors through Kihon, break falling, footwork drills and many advanced Sabaki techniques, the seminar went for around 3 hours.

I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank Kancho for taking the time to travel so far to train with us. Every time Kancho visits we are better from the experience. Kancho’s correction and guidance is invaluable, he continues to inspire us to continue our daily practice and to realise our goals through Enshin Karate.

Kancho’s technique is truly amazing, I feel so privileged to be a student of Kancho over so many years and to have the honour to run a dojo and teach his method. I would like to thank all who attended and supported this event, I’m sure you all enjoyed the experience of training with one of the greatest Karate practitioners of all time.

Thank you to Sensei Kumar from Enshin Karate’s Queensland Branch for making the trip to Melbourne and for all your help on the day it was very much appreciated.

I would like to personally thank my Senpai’s, Pat Le Gall, Omar Moscoso, Scott Thompson and Simon Smith for your help and support. Peter for capturing both seminars on film.

All the senior students that helped over the last week , its only through your continued support and commitment that events like these are possible.

Special thanks to Sensei Lucas Kardas for all his efforts over the past week and helping to run the Dojo in general.

Most importantly thank you to our families especially to my wife, Josie and Sensei Lucas’ wife Vicki for your continued support.


Sensei Dino Kardas




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