2018 Beach Training- Sat 17th of Feb
16th February 2018

There will be no classes held at the Dojo on Saturday the 17th  Feb due to Beach Training.

15th October 2017

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to confirm the Start times for each division of this year’s tournament.

This year  I have allowed for more time to complete each division so we should be able to run on time.

Under 7 = 9am Start

Under 10 = 11am Start

Under 12, 14 and 16 = 1pm start.

Note: Under 12 years students start at 1pm, Under 14 and 16 will start at the completion of under 12 division.

Officials please arrive at the Dojo at around 8.30am.


2017 Australian Junior Sabaki Challenge
7th July 2017

2017 Enshin Karate Australian Headquarters Promotion Test Dates
5th March 2017




Mon 8th   – Juniors (white and Orange)

Wed 10th   – Juniors (white and Orange)

Thur 11th     – Juniors (Advanced Ranks)

Fri  12th      – Juniors (Blue and Above)

Sat 13th     – Juniors (Blue and Above)

Sat 13th     – Seniors (All Ranks)


August 2017  GRADING DATES:

Mon 21st      – Juniors (white and Orange)

Wed 23rd     – Normal Classes  (white and Orange)

Thur 24th     – Juniors (Advanced Ranks)

Fri    25th     – Juniors (All Ranks)

Sat    26th     – Juniors (All Ranks)

Sat    26th     – Seniors (All Ranks)


November/December 2017 GRADING DATES:

Mon 27th     – Juniors (white and Orange)

Wed 29th     – Juniors (white and Orange)

Thur 30th     – Juniors (Advanced Ranks)

Sat 2nd     – Juniors (Blue and Above)

Sat 2nd    – Seniors (All Ranks)

2017 Beach Training – Saturday Feb 11th
4th February 2017

2017 Beach Training



We will be conducting a beach training session and all students are welcome to attend.  This will be a great experience for everyone and will give us an opportunity to practice Enshin Karate in a different environment.

When I have held beach training in the past everyone who participated has had a great time.


When:            Saturday 11th of Feb 2017


Time:              6.30am (Training Starts) until around 8am


Where:         Mt Martha Beach (Mornington Peninsula)


Note :            BBQ facilities will be available  if you wish to bring your own breakfast.


Cost:             Nil


What to bring :        – Enshin Uniform

                                       – Towel

                                       –  Breakfast


Download information PDF – Link below

Beach training Session 2017 Notice


2016 Australian Junior Sabaki Challenge – Saturday June 18th
6th May 2016

Application forms are available from the Dojo
Junior Sabaki Challenge 2016 poster

2016 Enshin Karate Australian Headquarters Promotion Test Dates
29th January 2016



April  2016 GRADING DATES:

Mon 25th   – Juniors (white and Orange)

Wed 27th   – Juniors (white and Orange)

Fri 29th      – Juniors (Blue and Above)

Sat 30th     – Juniors (Blue and Above)

Sat 30th     – Seniors (All Ranks)


August 2016 GRADING DATES:

Mon 22nd      – Juniors (white and Orange)

Wed 24th     – Normal Classes – No promotion test

Thur 25th     – Juniors (Advanced Ranks)

Fri    26th     – Juniors (All Ranks)

Sat    27th     – Juniors (All Ranks)

Sat    27th     – Seniors (All Ranks)


December 2016 GRADING DATES:

Mon 5th     – Juniors (white and Orange)

Wed 7th     – Juniors (white and Orange)

Thur 8th     – Juniors (Advanced Ranks)

Fri   9th      – Juniors (Blue and Above)

Sat 10th     – Juniors (Blue and Above)

Sat 10th     – Seniors (All Ranks)

2016 Beach Training session – Sat 13th of Feb
16th January 2016

2016 Beach Training Map



2015 Promotion Test Dates – Kardas Dojo
8th March 2015


One Path...Sabaki







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Get Your Seminar Applications in For Kancho’s Seminar – Dont Miss Out!!
25th September 2014

Time is running out to get your application in for Kancho Joko Ninomiya’s 2014 Australian Sabaki Method Seminar.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from one of the World’s greatest Martial Artists.

For more information please email sensedino@enshin.com.au.

Kancho will be arriving in Melbourne next week and seminars will be conducted on Sunday the 5th of October..

All are welcome.

Separate Junior and Adult Seminars conducted


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